Private Client Services


Being accused or  suspected of any criminal offence, even a minor one, can be a worrying and anxious experience for anyone.


McCluskey Browne boasts a dynamic Criminal Defence team of fully qualified Solicitors who have decades of experience whilst advising clients bringing or facing criminal charges.


We can also advise on any form of criminal procedure prior to court proceedings being raised including questioning, detention or arrest by the police.


We are authorised to provide Criminal Legal Assistance by the Scottish Legal Aid Board. Legal Aid may be available for many of the services provided by the Criminal Defence team. Each client will be advised as to their eligibility for Legal Aid on their initial visit. We also deal with a relatively high amount of private client work, particularly in road traffic matters.


Some of the matters we deal with include:


• Breach of the Peace - Murder


• Culpable Homicide - Assault


• Rape - Indecent Assault


• Theft - Housebreaking with intent to steal


• Embezzlement - Robbery


• Fraud - Reset


• Criminal Damage - Malicious Mischief


• Vandalism - Indecent Exposure


• Careless Driving - Dangerous Driving

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